Magic ETL column parsing


Is there an easy way using Magic ETL to create new columns based on existing columns. For example I have an ID column and a Page Name column and want to make each ID and Page Name a net new column to link to other data in the dataset. (I'm using governance Page data)

Any ideas here?


  • GrantSmith

    You can use the split columns tile in magic ETL or utilize a formula tile with a regexp_replace or split_part function depending on how your field is formatted. Do you have an example of what your data looks like?

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  • It sounds like you are wanting to combine two columns together to make a new unique ID. You can do this with the formula tile and use the CONCAT function. Something like this:

    CONCAT(IDcolumn,'-',PageColumn) This would combine the two columns with a hyphen between the two fields.

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  • renee12345

    I am joining in viewership data with this, so Ideally the Parent Page Title, Finance, will be it's own column along with the Parent Page ID, that way the Other Page Titles and IDs will be bucketed underneath, if that makes sense, so I can visualize each Parent Page as the series with the view count of these pages