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Hi all,

I'm triying to do a table from several customers that wants to know if it's possible to extract the UserId, User name and the roll or permissions in SAP, Exact, Netsuite, Microsoft dynamics


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  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor

    I'm not familiar with Exact but the others have connectors available in the Domo appstore. You'll need to look through each of the connectors to see if one of them has the fields you need. If you can't find the information in any of the Domo connectors, you'll need to have it generated directly from each of these applications. Ideally you can generate the report in a flat CSV. If you're able to get each of them in a flat CSV file you can upload to Domo and integrate via your preferred ETL process. You should also look into automating these reports in their respective platforms, possibly also look into automating export of them to Domo via one of their other connector options (email, your file storage platform) in the event you couldn't find the information you need in a Domo connector and had to source the data directly from each of these platforms.

  • Hi Jessdoe

    Thanks for your answer, the idea is not to request this info via report, the idea is to control the users and if someone has a non permited Admin roll apply the policy. I would like to connect to th system via API or ODBC, if not the users can modify the data

    Thanks for your help

  • jessdoe
    jessdoe Contributor
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    Jae Wilson has documented a lot of Domo's private API. You can find info on authentication and various calls to the User API here: