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Hello team,

I want to use an iframe inside DDX html brick on domo app store, I can't find any way to do that, Could you help me to find a way. Thanks

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  • ColemenWilson
    edited November 8

    Hi Muhammad,

    If you search in the Domo Appstore "DDX Brick" the first result will be HTML Easy Brick. You can use this display iframes in Domo. There is also an IFrame inside HTML DDX Brick that can be manipulated to use your iframe. I would recommend using the HTML Easy Brick, and then pasting your iframe in the HTML section when editing the DDX brick. Let me know if you get stuck!

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  • Hi @ColemenWilson ,

    Thanks for the response. I was able to get the ddx brick for html, also I was able to add an iframe too. The main issue is that I have some filter cards which have some of the checkboxes on main page. I am using those filter cards as an iframe and making a custom filter panel with custom UI. However, the filters are displaying as n iframe, but they are not clickable at all. They are clickable when they are on the main page from where I took there iframe.

    The below image is the html brick and the colums in that are the embedded filter cards. They are not clicking at all. When i click them they are just highlighting when I hover, but not selecting any option.

  • Is there a reason you are using DDX bricks for the filters instead of filter cards on the page?

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  • ellibot
    ellibot Contributor

    @muhammadtalha I believe components that are iframed into a dashboard via Domo Brick have some limitations to them.

    Instead of iframing the filters into the brick, you could create your filters directly in the brick using Domo's phoenix charting library: https://domoapps.github.io/domo-phoenix/#/domo-phoenix/properties .

    While this is possible, I would strongly recommend @ColemenWilson's solution above and simply use the out of the box checkbox filter card.

  • @ColemenWilson actually the default filter view is very basic, I want to make to align with company design/colors. Also to make it more interactive as well.

  • @ellibot is there any tutorial/docs available for phoenix filters ?

  • ColemenWilson
    edited November 9 Answer ✓

    Hi Muhammad, I am not referring to filter views. I am referring to filter cards which look identical to the screenshot you've provided. You can change the colors on these filter cards to use your company design/colors. https://domo-support.domo.com/s/article/360043428973?language=en_US

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  • ellibot
    ellibot Contributor
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    @muhammadtalha I believe the chart type you'll need is "badge_checkbox_selector", but it doesn't look like there's much documentation on it.

    If you look at this page, it shows the basics around creating a Phoenix chart: https://domoapps.github.io/domo-phoenix/#/domo-phoenix/chart/bar