I need to know what is the date 5 previous business days from current day, including holidays

The domo data set for calendar has columns for isHoliday and is workday, but how do I find the 5th previous day from a given date that contains 5 business days. For example, if the date is 11/28/2022 it should return a date of 11/18/2022 because there is 1 holiday (11/24) and two weekends(total of 5 non working days).



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  • You could do this in Magic ETL. Use the domo calendar dataset, filter out all non-work days, and then use a lag function to retrieve the value 5 rows back. This would give you the date you are looking for.

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  • Depending on what you need, ETL is most likely the way to go. Otherwise, if what you need is a list of the last N workable days, you can do that with just a table, filters and limiting the number of rows.

  • ETL is 100% the way to go, and you can use the Domo Date Dimension if you don't have a custom calendar.

  • If you mean to use a function called Lag in a Formula tile, I don't see that function as an option. I assume I have misunderstood.


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  • Thanks for the help! Exactly what I needed.