Domo for Office: Add-In Error (Installation help!)


My organization wants to test out the Domo for Office Add-In. We really liked the Domo PowerPoint Plug-in Version

Each time I try to install Domo for Office I get an error message: 'Your organization's administrator turned off the service required to use this feature.'

So far this has stumped several IT persons at my company, any suggestions or advice?

I can confirm we are trying to download version 2.0.13 of 'Domo for Office' (unless there's a newer version of course!)

(Last note: I can seamlessly install the legacy PPT plug-in)

Thanks to all!


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  • I'd recommend reaching out to Support to help get an answer as their technical team would be able to shed some light on to which service is needed for installation

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  • MarkSnodgrass
    Answer ✓

    First, make sure that you are installing it form the Microsoft Appsource here:

    Second, within PowerPoint, go to File → Options → General → Privacy settings and make sure "Enable optional connected experiences" is checked.

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  • Thank you gentlemen. We were able to determine that our IT team blocks the MS App Store. Using the steps Mark suggested, we were able to manually turn on Admin Privileges, which allowed us to install 'Domo for Office' on our remote PC (run by a different company). So, long story short, thank you both, very helpful in diagnosing the problem, and now its fate is in the hands of my security admins.