Period over Period charts and drill down


I have a simple Grouped Bar chart with a date field in my X-axis and a Annual Recurring Revenue (SUM) as my Y-axis. My leadership team has suspicions that a particular product, which I've filtered to, is not selling as well in 2023-Q3 as it did in the prior year 2022-Q3 and we'd like to investigate the data.

My card's Date configurations are as follows:

  • Date Range: This Year
  • Graph by: Quarter
  • Compare to: 1 year ago
  • Date range field: read only but the same date field in the X-axis
  • Date filter: undefined/null

The card looks great both in Preview and in Details and I've created a drill-drown to a truncated Table of the dataset only showing relevant columns. When I click on the 2023-Q3 bar, the dataset drills down as expected to the Table.

The issue is when I click on a previous year's bar in the barchart: 2022-Q1, …, 2022-Q4. The drilldown returns "No data in filtered range". I expect that this is because the configuration of the Date Range bring limited to This Year.

I've tried workarounds including:

  • Setting the Date Range to "Previous Year" and Compare to "1 year out" i.e. the current year.
  • Changing the Chart Type to variance Bar Line
  • Setting the Date Range to "All Time" and the Date Filter to >= 1/1/2022 but I can't configure the "Compare to" settings.
  • Setting the Date Range to "Between 1/1/2022 and 12/31/2023" but this also sets a "Between" configuration for "Compare to" settings

Am I missing a setting that would allow me to compare two Quarters YoY side-by-side and drill down into both sets of filtered data? I'd simply like to set "This Year" and "Last Year" and forget about it.

OR is there a way to prevent a user from selecting and drilling into last year's bar?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I have found the Period over Period charts to be extremely limiting for reasons like this and will often look to use a standard chart to get the same comparison. You might want to look at this video and see if you can adapt it to your needs as it will give you more flexibility than the PoP charts.

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
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    Another alternative is to utilize your own Date Dimension dataset to allow for custom offsets and allow for greater flexibility with the period types. I've done a write up on this here:

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  • NDoyle

    It's so bizarre to me that PoP charts exist but have such limited functionality that a better solution is to use a different chart type or use Beast Mode. I'd be curious to see what Domo's thoughts are about chart's valid use cases including drill downs. Surely they'd anticipate adopters of the chart to want to look at last year's data as well, right?