Domo workbench - "attempting to open data source"

When a workbench job is executing, does anyone know what is happening when the preview window execution step says "attempting to open data source"? We will have a job that gets stuck on this step for several hours and it is unable to get past this step, then the query times out. The workbench job is executing a stored procedure in our sql server database



  • It's attempting to connect to the database but running into connection issues. Are you able to get a response from the server that's hosting the data source? Are you behind a firewall that would restrict access?

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  • I have asked the firewall question to someone with more knowledge than me, but I do know the we have other workbench jobs set up on the same database/server that are connecting and running successfully.

    This job that is giving us the "attempting to open data source" struggles has done this many times in the past. It is a very massive stored procedure (425 columns, 1.8 million rows) and typically takes 1.25-2.5 hours to run. We know that the width of this stored procedure is causing us problems in general, but I just don't know if that would have anything to do with the "attempting to open data source"