Excel Sheet to Domo

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday Eve.

I have a shared Excel workbook with multiple sheets that are appended together via power query into a master list sheet.

I'd like to set up a Domo connector to pull from this master list sheet only.

Is this possible? What is the ideal connector for this, and where is the ideal place to store the Excel workbook? Currently the book is just saved on one drive but it can be moved to share point.


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  • ColemenWilson
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    I would suggest using the OneDrive for Business Connector. It is fairly straightforward to setup and you can control which sheet in the file you pull from: https://domo-support.domo.com/s/article/360043436753?language=en_US

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Coach
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    @jmmc if you can't use the one drive connector (like me) you can also use a combo of Power Automate and the Email Connector. I set up Power Automate to read the file and send an attachment via email and then used the Domo Email Connector to bring it in.