Justification or Use Case for Access to Resources in Domo


Hello everyone!

I am beginning to build out better data governance policies for my instance and documenting them for all users to see. I'm specifically struggling with policy and documentation around a user explaining why they need access to a particular resource, so the applicable approvers can make an informed access decision. I want policy to require users to provide this information in their request, but I'm struggling to come up with a good name for it (business case, business justification, use case, business impact?) and explain it well enough to the user that we get the information we are looking for. We want them to explain how they will use it and what impact it will have on our business. If they don't have a good enough explanation or the impact isn't great enough or we determine these things to be outside of their role, the access request will be denied. Any help, ideas, thoughts here are very much appreciated! And I've been struggling to find resources online about this, so if you have some of those to point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Thanks!

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