How do I fill text/values down in the same column for different partitions

I am trying to fill the text/values in "Drillable P&L Group Names" and "Sort Order" down in the same columns and can't figure out how. Keep in mind that the attached dataset is a single partition of a much larger dataset that contains multiple Client Names, GL Accounts, etc. And I'm trying to find a solution that would dynamically address the entire dataset.

Any assistance would be appreciated.




  • If the data in the Drillable and Sort Order columns are always the same then you could utilize a Rank and Window tile to calculate the MAX value of those two columns to get your two new columns with the values filled. Then you can just drop the old columns and rename the original questions.

    Alternatively if you're looking to do a forward fill type action with Magic ETL I did post an answer previously here:

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  • @GrantSmith Thanks for the reply. I'm probably missing something obvious, but where is the MAX function available in the rank/window tile?

  • @GrantSmith I figured out a workaround to my issue, but appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks!