Update Colors of a Bullet Chart

I am currently utilizing a bullet chart to visualize the number of worked hours comparitive to estimated hours for multiple groups working on a project.

Is there a way to update the worked hours bar to help quickly identify the groups that are over or approaching the estimated hours?

I have attempted to set the color rules on the card based on a beast mode for each group called "Scoped Hours Progress" but the bars remain blue.


  • @jrudd Unfortunately, color rules only apply to fields that are actively used in the card. As a work-around, I suggest changing your card to an Overlay Bar chart and creating a separate beast mode measure for each Scoped Hours Progress value. Then you can create an "is always" color rule for each beast mode.

  • Michelle's suggestion is good, but the bullet chart is designed for this type of situation. You could create BeastModes for each range, per Michelle's suggestion, and then use them as the different target ranges on your card (range 1, range 2, etc.). "Worked Hours" would be the same color throughout the chart, but would punch through the different ranges of Within/Approaching/At/Over. I suggest around 50% transparency on the colors of the target ranges to keep them from overpowering the main bullet line. Using a bullet chart this way has the advantage of double encoding the information with color and position, making it more accessible.

  • Thanks for the quick responses. I will take a look at these possible solutions this week.