Help connecting to Google Ad Manager CreativeService needed

Hi community!

We need to capture the banner preview URL from Google Ad Manager. The field we need assetURL is not available in Google Ad Manager's report builder (so I can't use the Domo connector to pull it in as a GAM report), but based on the developer's documentation ( the code to access it viat the API is here (specifically SELECT, asset.image_asset.file_size, asset.image_asset.full_size.width_pixels, asset.image_asset.full_size.height_pixels, asset.image_asset.full_size.url FROM asset WHERE asset.type = 'IMAGE')

Our dev team has run into many issues trying to create custom script for this, and Google's team isn't very helpful. We're looking for any examples of how to connect to Google Ad Manager CreativeService. Do anyone have some that can be shared?

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