How to subtract sales tax from certain rows for sales revenue dashboard?


I'm not sure of the best way to go about solving this, so I'll do my best to describe my issue below. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I'm trying to create a pie chart showing total sales YTD and breaking it down by rep. I have it mostly made but my numbers are a little high. I looked at my dataset and my TotalPrice column is including sales tax on orders that are fulfilled, but not including sales tax on orders that are open.

Titles and descriptions for the columns I'm using for this card are below:
TotalPrice - The total cost of the sales order
SalesRep - Name of sales rep
StatusId - Gives status of the order (20=Open, 60=Fulfilled, 85=Cancelled, etc)
EstimatedTax - Gives the total sales tax of the sales order

I need to figure out a way to subtract the sales tax from the total price, IF the status of the order is fulfilled.

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