Beast mode to only show matching creative types in grouped bar chart?

We are using a grouped bar chart to compare client and typical engagement rates by creative type (see 1st screen grab). The report is filtered by a SalesQuote field where client results have one value and typical results='Banner Average'. These are unique rows in the data set (see 2nd screen grab). There are six 'Banner Average' rows for every possible creative type (these represent the past 6 months of performance across all creatives) Because the creative types in client campaigns vary, the report should display client & typical results only for the creative types run. We are filtering by creative type in the card but would prefer to automate this - meaning have a responsive filtering mechanism that adjusts as creative types are added. Any thoughts on how to approach this in Beast Mode (or even ETL)?

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  • trafalger
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    Would something like this work?

    Case when SUM(SalesQuote) <> 0 and SUM(BannerAverage) <> 0 then 'Show' else 'Hide' end