New "Domo for Office Add-in"

Hi Domo Experts,

Did you guys try the new "Domo for Office Add-in" published by Domo on MS Office Appstore? I found it very interesting - it's almost like accessing Domo right from the Microsoft Excel. Domo has opened accessibility to almost every element of Domo (and feels like you never need to go to Domo — at least to run the ETL processes or dealing with data.

However, surprisingly, it misses the core feature like advanced filters (using the operators like =, <>, >, <, between etc.) and the ability to create, manage and edit queries to import data dynamically with multiple filters from Domo dataset to excel sheet which were very much available in the older .msi installer plug-in.

More importantly, the new add-in is also not able to detect the connected datasets for importing data which was created using the older plug-in — so if you have created a query to import data to your excel sheet, the new add-in wouldn't be able to detect and refresh the data.


Don't you think those features should be available on this new cool and power-packed add-in? Else it would mean you have to manage two different add-ins?

If you think so - please upvote this idea posted for these features on the new Domo Office Add-in.