Simple Mathematical Equations in Domo

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Hello, I am trying to do simple addition, multiplication, and division equations using static variables or numbers in Domo. What is the best and easiest way to go about doing this?

Using variables gives me "An issue has occurred during processing. We are unable to complete the request at this time." Using manually typed-out numbers in a Beast Mode gives me incorrect values.


  • You can do this in either a Beast Mode in a card or a Formula Tile in a Magic ETL.

    `Column` * 3.1415926535

    What does you example beast mode look like?

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  • hunter_brown
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    Thank you @GrantSmith for the quick reply. The difficulty lies with referencing a column. I have two unlinkable and somewhat dirty datasets that our team is working to correct, but the numbers are all there. I want to get MMR using the following logic (imagine the title says MMR, not Avg revenue per acc):

    EDIT: I should also specify that the "avg revenue per account" part of this calculation takes into account the whole period, the accounts in a given period takes into account a single month.

  • @hunter_brown Be sure to use ` around your column names instead of an apostrophe so that it knows you are referencing a column. They way you have it now, Domo thinks you are trying to perform a mathematical operation on strings

  • Yes I understand that, thank you for making sure. I am not trying to reference columns. I want to use manually entered numbers as a sort of "snapshot" instead of referencing specific columns. I have to take the amount of accounts from one dataset and the revenue figures from a different one, without any way to link the two.

  • @hunter_brown Is this data time-bound? If so, could you not link your datasets by month?

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    Yes the data is time bound. One is a dataset via email, and the other is a live warehouse. The email dataset records the entirety of revenue for a single date, while the live warehouse is continuously updated.

    The issue is that due to nonexistent accountability mechanisms in the recording of our datapoints from the emailed dataset, that some transactions are recorded all at once instead of in their proper dates. For example, someone would think to themselves, "Why does it matter if I record 1k of revenue in the current month of July if they are all for the same billing code?"

    From the above situation, some of our revenue could be misattributed to July instead of June.

    These may be able to be linked using dates but I do not know how to transform multiple days, months, and years from the live warehouse and compare it to the emailed dataset. Would it account for years as well? Should I use a date scaffold?

  • Is there no way to do "(2+1)/2" in Domo? This is my main question for future knowledge even if there is another way to solve this problem.

  • @hunter_brown To answer your question, what you are describing should work in beast mode. What are you getting instead?

  • hunter_brown
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    Whoops, hold on, I used an incorrect example. Give me a moment.

  • I believe I figured out the issue, it was in fact the aggregation. When summarizing using real numbers, you have to change the aggregation to an average rather than a sum to get the accurate numbers.

  • b_rad
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    @hunter_brown if you using mathematical functions in beast mode, its advisable to aggregate* the columns in the calculation.

    *: The aggregation function depends on what you are trying to calculate.