Can I omit certain values on line graph from being calculated in avg line?


I have an interesting case here, I have a cost per lead value being graphed by week for the past 9 weeks. Only problem is that when there are no leads the value is blank and the line breaks. I can fix the problem by using a beast mode to say when there are no leads to just zero out the Cost per Lead value. When I do that, obviously it brings the avg Cost per Lead down by including a zero into that calculation, and I'd like to omit that value from the calculation.

Maybe there is a better solution to this that I am not thinking of? My superior wants there to be no breaks, but when I thought I found the solution it messes up the calculated avg line. Maybe I can create another beast mode to act as an avg line and turn off the Domo implementation of that in Analyzer?

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  • ColemenWilson
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    Chart Properties > General > Hide Empty Values:

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