Any way to export filters themselves?

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I am trying to build a report using pydomo and the Domo API connection but the challenge I have is that I can get the whole dataset but can't get the filtering to match what we need. I wasn't sure if I am missing some way to export the filters themselves so I can directly add it into my code. I have been provided a handful of cards from my business partners which have all of the filtering and such there which is easy for the most part but the big problem is when they have the column value is in ([x1,x2,x3,…., x1000]) which I can't just export the list from to use the same filter.

Poor Example

|Index | Name    | Grade | Prompt | Year |  
| ——   |  —--    | —--   | -—-    | —- |  
|Row 1 | Tyler W | A     | Causal effects on Adolescent Health|  2020 |  
|Row 2 | Sarah M | A     | Impact of fossil fuel consumption on climate change | 2020 |  
|Row 3 | John V | B+     | How many bananas does it take to get radiation sickness? | 1999 |  
| …|…|…|  
| Row 9999 | Student | C | How to export filters from DOMO | 2023 |

As you can see from this table format (if markdown renders) I would have something like an ID column, a name, a grade and a topic. The topic is highly varied to the point that the filter is maintained by the team going in and adding new topics to the filter list as needed each refresh. Say for instance many students pick the same prompts historically but more may be added each semester and I need to filter out a list for each department so say Chemistry wants to hear about eating bananas to cause radiation sickness but doesn't care about exporting filters and the biology group may care about the first 3 but not the last etc.

This isn't a great example but the problem is that when I export the data for current (or even extended period) I am getting a subset of a subset since I can't see all of the previous topics for all time. So for instance if I download the output for the past year I will see the value "How to export filters from DOMO" which I can add to my filter moving forward, but all of the previous thesis topics will not be in the export and cannot be added to my external filter.

I am hoping someone has a method to export filters similar to how when you download data in PowerBI it includes a line at the bottom for filters applied.

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