Dashboard Filters - Way to only show the 'Choose Date' filter?

Hi all,

Is there anyway to show only the "Choose Date" filter on a dashboard, while keeping all other page filters hidden?

I am creating a dashboard with some DDX customizations, I have a custom set of filter dropdowns to streamline and speed up dashboard use within one of these bricks. I want to hide the non-date filters at the top so the user won't be distracted by them.

If this isn't currently possible, is great filter control something that is being considered for a future update?



  • @RichardM are you using filter cards or the default filters at the top of the page? I usually try to use filter cards which bring my users attention there instead of the default filter menu.

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  • @Ashleigh I am using the whole page filter bar (the one displayed by selecting the spanner top right of a dashboard, selecting 'Filter Options', then toggling on 'Show Filter Bar'). I am using this as I need all charts on the page to have the same filters applied.

    I assume applying card level filters only affects the individual card those filters are set on?

    I am happy with how the date filtering works inside the whole page filter bar, I just wish to hide the controls for all other filters aside from the date picker.

  • @RichardM Not card level filters but actual cards that are a filter type. You create a card that acts as a filter and then it can be used to filter all your cards. This helps you make the exact filters you want and you can even customize them to only work with certain cards. They have multiple date option ones as well. The filters would look like this

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  • @RichardM I am not sure if you can hide the controls but you can remove any other filters on the bar and then set up a filter view which would save your current filters.

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  • Not sure if I'm missing something when reading the question, but if what you want is the filter bar at the top of a dashboard to only show the option for date you can customize this on each dashboard, by going to the Filters option and decide what should be allowed vs not.

  • Thank you for the suggestions, I did end up moving on from this solution. My aim here was to use my own page-level filtering by having the user select options from a dropdown inside a brick, then using their choice to concat and create a url. When doing so it automatically displays the filter bar (both the filters in the url, and the date picker).

    I wanted to be able to keep the Domo level date picker, while hiding the other filters, even if I have used them to filter the page.

    Cards that are themselves filters are interesting, but not quite I'm looking for in this project. But I will definitely take a look into that in the future.

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.

  • @Ashleigh can you provide me with the beast mode/ code for your "Time Range" card you have in this example. I am looking to do the say for MTD, QTD, YTD on my dashboard. Thanks!

  • @brandenmjenkins The screenshot I had was an example from a Variables dashboard in the community instance https://domo-community.domo.com/page/1880852133. Looking at the BMs in this card: https://domo-community.domo.com/page/1880852133/kpis/details/313814371I think its the comparison time range one, its very long though.

    It looks like that specific BM is using a variable to create the MTD, QTD, YTD.

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