Help! We need some features added to Governance


Instead of typing and sending screenshots, I've prepared a video overview of a pretty serious and problematic issue we (an most likely others) are facing in regards to locking down access.

Use Case

PDP locked down data, and SHARE ONLY access to standardized workspaces and cards. Screenshot of permissions listed at the end of the post.


  • Ability to view the Administrative Controls
  • Users can view other user groups and permissions
  • SHARE ONLY access has the ability to remove access for others


  • Create a Social profile (has the admin functionality turned off) that has the ability to use shared data sets to create new cards - AND -
  • Not be able to remove access for specific users and/or other groups

Don't get me wrong. I love this product. We offer Domo Everywhere delivered content via our web application. However, for our VIP specific users, it would be nice to offer them the opportunity to thing outside of "our" box and utilize the power of Domo to create their own card content.

If leadership is viewing this post, please consider these options in your future releases. For now, I'm playing Russian Roulette with granting users Domo access.


  • DataMaven

    We've been suggesting a 'View Only' level of access for datasets for YEARS! You make an interesting point, though. People would still need to be able to share datasets in most cases, and that comes with the ability to unshare. Thinking through the back end of this may get complicated because if they can build something and share it, what happens when they want to unshare what they have shared?

    When I think about it…When you share a card, it shares the dataset, but when you unshare a card it does NOT unshare the dataset (which is also scary in some instances). So your solution may work if the person is simply not able to manipulate sharing settings directly on the dataset.

    And yes - Most of this could be solved by making it so that a person who can share can not remove user access from the dataset. They'd have to contact the owner if they share something they shouldn't have.

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