Is it possible to use an Excel macro to execute the Domo plugin?


I have a Domo plugin in Excel to connect to our Domo instance and pull data to refresh an Excel document that generates a Pivot table since there are limitations in Domo that prevent us from displaying the data in that particular format.

I can use the plugin without any problems, but I cannot automate it using an Excel macro. Does anybody know how to execute the plugin in an automated way? I would need to have a macro so the business users can use it to refresh the Pivot table. I don't want them to do it manually as they are not familiar with Domo, datasets, etc.

Thank you.


  • DataMaven

    The old version used to ask if you wanted to update the data, but I am thinking from you question that this no longer happens. Sorry to hear that.

    What limitations prevent you from displaying the data in Domo? We may be able to solve for that, too.

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  • alexbdomo

    Hello DataMaven,

    there are limitations in Domo. For example, we cannot have multiple rows in one column when constructing the pivot table, but this is something that can be easily done in Excel, not in Domo. Number of columns in the pivot table is limited to 10, and we need to have more than 10. Again, not an issue in Excel.

    Therefore, as the pivot table is quite complicated, we have decided to pursue the Domo plugin route, but as I stated, I cannot execute a macro, so I have to manually execute the Domo plugin and once the data is in the Excel doc, I refresh the pivot.

    I hope I am clear in the explanation of what I am trying to accomplish and the limitations I see with Domo.

    Thank you

  • Leaddata
    Leaddata Member

    Did you ever find a way to do this using a macro. I want a way to refresh the data in a sheet (coming from a domo ETL) without end users needing to use the plugin and refresh