PDP Policy on Datasets


I was applying row level security to my datasets .

I am able to restrict user belonging to one location i.e user A → Loc 1 but if UserB Belongs to 2 loc i.e User B→Loc 1 & Loc2 ,then I am not able to achieve that .

Custom Role -Assigning User B belonging to 2 locations.

Can you please throw some light on this and if I am missing something .


  • trafalger

    Are you using Domo groups? You could create a Location 1 and Location 2 group, create policies for both of those groups and then put the user in both of those groups.

  • Ajita
    Ajita Member

    Here is the steps I took

    1. Created Custom Attributes -UserLOcation
    2. Created Group with User A & B
    3. Added UserLocation(The location the user would belong ) to User A and UserB
    4. Added PDP to the datasets
    5. Now Can't add one than one location to an User.

    You suggesting I go in other way of created group of location ? but then how user would be mapped ..