Custom Images in Tables

b_rad Contributor

This question is with reference to an old question posted.

I tried to use the code suggested by @GrantSmith in the post but it shows me only the image and not the text.

Has there been any changes since this was answered?


  • I have tried multiple ways and I can only get the image to show, whether I use a table, div with float or with display flex; similar to how if a use a href tag, I cannot make only a portion of the text a hyperlink. Is there any particular need why you would need the Image and the text to be together as part of a single beast mode instead of showing the image in one column and the value in the following one?

  • ArborRose
    ArborRose Contributor

    I would check all your quote marks to make sure you are terminating the proper html tags. Mark sure each opening single or double quote is ended at the appropriate place. When I have done tables this way, I use two cells in a table. The top cell may include a photo using something such as

    And then another cell would have whatever text I needed…normally in a span tag.

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  • An update on this. After reading other questions, I was able to get the text and image to show in the same cell, but to do that I had to use the HTML table option, not the Mega Table. Please try that and see if it works for you, also worked for partial links. The Adding Graphics, Links, and Images to Table Cards Using Beast Mode explains this in detail. So it was just that I was using the wrong card type.

  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    Thank you both @marcel_luthi & @ArborRose . Appreciate your help.

    The html table worked and I also had errors with my double quotes.