Creating custom images in tables with text




We are now able to add different custom images in a table with a text at the right, do you know a way we could center this text just at the middle right? We want to have the left icon more aligned to the right text.


The code we are using is:

CONCAT('<div align=center><img src="',`Picture`,'"height = "130" ><div align=right font-size="30">', `Total Impressions`,' </div></div>')


Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 17.39.27.png




  • GrantSmith

    @nbrx  - You'll just need to make use of some CSS styles on your image and convert your div to a span surrounding your text.


    CONCAT('<div align=center><img src="',`Picture`,'" height="130" style="vertical-align:middle"><span style="vertical-align:middle">', `Total Impressions`,' </span></div>')


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  • Victor

    This still work???


    I am using the same code and only show the image

    CONCAT('<div align=center><img src="',`imgcode`,'" height="130" style="vertical-align:middle"><span style="vertical-align:middle">', `Diff`,' </span></div>')


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