SQL partition password reset


Hi - I put in a help ticket without success so far. We are using a SQL partitions connector to bring in accounting data. Following an apparent password reset on database access, some of the datasets continued to work while some larger datasets stopped working but continued to bring in blank lines of data.

I reset my password in Domo SQL Partitions, but the databases are still not working.

I went through a similar process with Domo workbench to query some of the tables which worked.

I am now having to move all the beast mode calcs to the now working databases.

Frustrating to say the least! Has anyone else encountered this type of situation? What did you do to solve it?


  • GrantSmith


    Are you getting any sort of error message with the SQL Partitions connector? How exactly are they not working correctly?

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  • MichelleH

    @user07231 Are you the owner of the SQL Partitions account used in your datasets? If not, the owner will need to change the password on the account in the Domo Data Center