Set custom calendar


My company operates with a 13 period Calendar each period consisting of 4 Monday - Sunday Weeks. 


I would like to add 'period' to the date range on my cards. Is that possible, or are the date ranges native to DOMO and defined off of a typical Jan 1 - Dec 31st calendar. 






  • swyatt
    swyatt Contributor

    If possible, I would add fiscal weeks to your data set and then create a beast mode to group the weeks into quartiles. Though the week operator is no longer supported by DOMO I believe it still works. The fiscal weeks do not typically coincide with calendar weeks but a simple formula like below should work.


    WEEK(`DATE`) - 1

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @bg, did swyatt's reply haelp address your question?

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