Pivot Table Sorting


I have a card that shows total sales by sales rep (count and volume) for the previous quarter.

I'm trying to sort top down by count, then volume for the previous quarter but I keep running into issues.

When I add the date field (so the oldest month appears on the left) I can't get the totals to sort properly either by manually adjusting them in the header:

Or by adding them to the Sort By on the card:

What am I missing? Pivot Table is the preferred card as I can set it and forget it. If I have to do this with individual beast modes that's not preferable but I'm open to it if anyone has suggestions on how to do it.



  • trafalger

    I've seen issues where the sorting gets strange if some of the sales people don't have any values in a particular time period and Domo handles that sorting strangely because it's a NULL.

  • Moneyshot_

    Maybe? I think it's because of the date sort. In the above example, two reps both had 16 sales, but because the top rep's sales happened before the other one (1/10/2023 vs 1/19/2023) that's why they're placed a row above.