Is it possible to make a HTTP request using the Python Script tile of Magic ETL?


We would like to use data of a dataset in the body of a POST request and we were wondering if the Python Script tile in Magic ETL would work for that. We have analyzed but it does not seem to have libraries for that.

We have this solution to export the dataset and make the request in a Python script in a Virtual Machine and then upload again to Domo. But if we could do everything in Domo it would be better.


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  • AndreaHenderson
    AndreaHenderson Domo Product Manager
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    Hi @Fatias - unfortunately it's not possible to make a request outside of Domo within the scripting tiles in Magic. Doing the request outside of Domo and then loading the data to Domo is an option, like you mentioned. Another option is to do the work using a Jupyter Workspace within Domo. You can read more about Jupyter Workspaces here:

    Domo Product Manager for Data Transformation (MagicETL)