Is there a way to exclude dates from outside months in the MoM comparison?

The current month is March and I have a chart showing sales data graphed by day and when selecting the MoM comparison, dates for March are showing up under the comparison for last month since February had only 28 days which is making our sales for last month seem much higher than they actually are. Is there a way to prevent this?



  • @lb1234 What method of comparison makes the most sense for your business? Would you want to exclude days 29 through 31 of the current month, or something different?

  • What would make the most sense would be to show the actual days for each month. February's line would stop at day 28, January's line would stop at 31 and March's line would stop at 31. I know I could achieve this through an ETL but I'm betting I could also achieve this through a beast mode.