I wanted to rename few items in a column based on this campaign, in the ETL


I wanted to rename App to Web for this campaign, and I tried using a formula to achieve this in the ETL. Here is my formula

CASE when campaign = 'CM1' then 'Web'
else channel

But this is not giving me the expected output. Could anyone please help me with this? I actually wanted to achieve this in ETL only, not in the beast mode. Please see the reference below.

Thanks in advance!


  • @Salmas The best way to rename fields is by using the Select Columns tile in ETL

  • In the select column we can change only the headers not the rows

  • @Salmas I apologize, I read that too quickly. I don't see anything in your formula that would cause it not to work. Can you give some more details on the output you're getting vs expected?

  • @MichelleH That's ok, no worries. Now I got it. My bad! In the campaign column my campaign name was in capital letter and in the formula I was using small letters! That was the problem. Now I changed it and it is working now. Thank you for checking.