Ignore some page filters in cards or pages

AnwarBham Contributor

Is there a way , where you can set a card to ignore some pages filters but accept others .

if i have one datasource and a card with a precalculated value at YTD filtered by a dimension. and a filter on country

and i have another card that i want dynamic as MTD, o CTD depending on what the client pre selects. and country

but when they select CTD o MTD it affects the first card .

i want the 1st card to ignore the CTD, MTD,YTD filters.

is this possible



  • Currently it's an all or nothing in terms of the interactions however, have you looked into utilizing a FIXED function beast mode with some FILTER DENY to prevent the calculation from being affected by certain columns?

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  • @AnwarBham -

    You can use filter cards, instead of page filters. If you leverage filter cards then you can define which cards on the page those filter cards will interact with.

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  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    @ST_-Superman-_ i have treid this option and it does not work. because its a page filter and not a card based selector.

    the KPI i have has a filter Value type = YTD

    but the page has a diffrent filter Value type = MTD

    the Page filter is affecting the Kpi Filter.

    @GrantSmith if i include the Fixed (Remove Value Type) i cannot get the aggregated data at YTD level

  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    I Refactored the dataflow creating alias slicers and filters as to not affect the page filters and card filters.

    Thans for your help

  • I did specify that the option was only for filter cards, and not page filters:

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  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    is there any way in a slicer card we can set a default filter.

  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    i have found a solution if anyone is intreseted.

    you get the embedded card URL

    place this in an iframe in a ddx card .

    in the ddx you use load a webform with the same filters you would like to apply the values can be empty or null.

    you apply a page filter "Pfilter" to the embedded card URL .

    now you can pick and choose what page filters and what card filters affect your card in the main dashboard.

    the ddx acts as a gateways. the beneifit is you can apply variables as filters also via javascript