Breakdown of Yes or No Values


I am looking to create a graph or table that shows a breakdown of who answered yes and who answered no in a specific state.

E.x. in GA 100 people took the survey, 45 answered “Yes” and 55 answered “No”

in FL 50 people took the survey, 20 answered “Yes” and 30 answered “No”

What graph/table would you use to display this in Domo? When I try to show this in a table it shows the full count and not the yes/no counts.

My column in labeled “YesOrNo”

Thank you!


  • MichelleH

    @DataLawton I'd suggest using a Pivot Table card with State in the rows, YesOrNo in the columns, and count of YesOrNo (or any other populated field) in the values.

  • AKnowles
    AKnowles Domo Employee
    edited March 2023

    Another option would to be to create a Beast Mode that counts Yes and No anwers and allows you to then count them according to the criteria of the filters on the card. Something to the effect of:

    CASE WHEN `YesOrNo` = ‘Yes’ THEN COUNT(`YesOrNo`)
    WHEN `YesOrNo` = ‘No" THEN COUNT(`YesOrNo`)
    ELSE 0

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