Count Distinct with Fixed?

Do the fixed functions actually work with Count Distinct? I'm trying to leverage them to ignore some filters, but they're not producing the right results (always significantly higher). The example below does not include the filter bit since I can't even get the base of the function to work correctly. The window function I tried below works as I would expect, but I don't think it would allow me to ignore filters.


MAX(COUNT(DISTINCT(`Lead ID`)) FIXED (BY `Line of Business`))


MAX(COUNT(DISTINCT `Lead ID`)) over (partition by `Line of Business`)


  • @Domomon DISTINCT doesn't work with window functions, and I believe that's no exclusive to Domo, as I think that goes for MySQL and SQL Server as well. I've seen that one solution is to use DENSE_RANK() instead of COUNT(DISTINCT ), but that does take nulls into account, so just keep that in mind. If that doesn't work, you'll need to use an ETL and use a GROUP BY and joins.

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