How do i fill in the date gaps?


I have a start date and an end date. How do i have those dates in between appear? (ETLs/Codes)



  • GrantSmith

    You can utilize Magic ETL and the Domo Dimensions connector.

    Using the Domo Dimensions connector pull in the calendar dataset.

    Feed that into a magic ETL, add a constant call 'Join Column' for a value of 1.

    Then use your dataset as an input, add a constant 'Join Column' with a value of 1 to this dataset as well in the ETL.

    Then do a join between both add constant tiles based on the join column. Feed that into a filter tile and filter with a formula where the dt column from the Calendar dataset is between your start and end dates.

    `dt` BETWEEN `Start Date` AND `End Date`

    This will then expand your data so that you have your record for each day between your time range.

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  • @Tina_Alpaca I created a video on how to do this in Magic ETL. You can watch it here:

    Hope this helps.

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