Multiple Event Types on a Calendar Card

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Hi all,

I've been working on a release and defect calendar card and have encountered some limitations with the current calendar card - I've managed to map all defects onto the card with no problems; however, I want also to include a separate event type in the same calendar for a version release date.

Effectively the story I want to tell is, "here are the defects that have been identified, raised and created; here is the next upcoming release version that could contain these defect fixes".

Is there a way to overlay multiple layers onto one calendar or a clever beast mode process that could concat a value input to output in each calendar day something like:

DEF-1 Priority:1
DEF-2 Priority:1
DEF-3 Priority:3
DEF-4 Priority:2


(even better would be only to include the Defects & Version header/count/list if non-0)



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  • amehdad
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    Hi @Stuck, the default 'Calendar' chart doesn't allow more than one fields to be displayed, nor does it allow tooltips. As a result, there's a solution that I've outlined to layer multiple fields but using a custom svg chart route:

    Let me know if there are any questions on that write-up.

  • Samuel.
    Samuel. Contributor

    Morning @amehdad,

    Thanks for this - I was trying to avoid the custom chart route for now as, currently, the functionality is disabled for our instance due to security concerns. Thought your article is incredibly helpful as having seen the DDX blocks available, it would answer my question were it not for my awkward caveat.

  • @Stuck ah that's unfortunate. Perhaps an exception case can be made with your IT team?

    Also from your last point, and if it's ok with you as I believe others looking into this particular use case can benefit from it, would be great if my response can be marked as 'Accepted Answer' please.

  • Samuel.
    Samuel. Contributor

    No worries at all, @amehdad - more than happy to do that.

    One thing I have noticed, though, is that you can force a data label to populate if you leave the value field unpopulated - this means you can at least generate a list of objects against a specific date instead of populating just a number. It's a shame you can't do more with the tooltip process on calendars, as I think they could be such a powerful card with a few extra features.

  • Thanks @Stuck, see if there's an existing feature request to upvote otherwise would be a good one to add to 'Ideas' as the calendar chart functionalities can definitely be improved.

  • Samuel.
    Samuel. Contributor

    This has now been added to the Ideas Exchange under: Multiple Events aligned on a single Calendar Card

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