Can someone help with a simple join?

damen Contributor

This is a super simple problem, not sure what is going on but I am hoping a fresh set of eyes might help.

All I am trying to do is take the 'property_address' column from the powerlender table and use that information onto the foreclosure table - foreclosure is otherwise all ready to go.

Both tables have a loan_id (one is called application_key) that are in different formats. I alter the columns so that each of them are in integer form

The powerlender tables has all of the same loan numbers (and addresses that i am missing from foreclosure are in there) as the foreclosure table so it is not missing data

when i go to add the property_address column to the foreclosure table, (and call it 'address') they are not populating as one would expect.

Any ideas of what might be the issue?

Thanks in advance

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  • RobSomers

    @damen For the null values, would you mind just posting the Loan ID and the Application_Key before the alter columns for a couple of those rows? It looks like it would be an issue where the Application_Key doesn't exist in the Powerlender dataset or isn't matching up to the Loan ID.

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  • damen
    damen Contributor


    Hey, I think I found the issue. We had a few 'application_key' lines with a few non numerical values in them. Once we went in and removed any non integer values, they matched up as expected.

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