Apply color rules to variable values

sofia Member
edited March 2023 in Variables


I have set up a variable which I use in the series of a line chart to toggle between different categories like brand, product line, country, etc.

I would like to apply specific colors to each value within the category, for instance:

For Brand:

-Mercedes: Red

-Audi: Blue

-BMW: Green

For Product Line:

-SUV: Yellow

-Sedan: Orange

-Motorcycle: Black

When creating the color rules, If I choose the column that is charted "Variable", the only colors I can set are for the values of the first field coded in my variable, for instance Brand. I can't see the rest of the values for the rest of the fields, like product line.

I tried applying rules to the individual fields used in the variable, Brand, Product Line, so on, but they don't react when interacting with the variable in the dashboard.

How can I set color rules for all the values contained in the fields of my variable?

Thank you !!