Sum Orders, Line Count, Sales by day of the week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

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Hello, my dataset has 7 columns: Invoice date, location, orders, ... invoice total (see screenshot); I want to sum orders, line count, and sales by day; meaning January 21 2023 Friday's orders =DC 12 ATL's orders + DC 11 MOB's order = 65+0.

Friday's sales = DC 12's Invoiced total + DC 11's invoiced total = $10,932.39 + 0.

What I'm trying to create is to show 3 rows (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for SUM orders, line count, quantity, and sales.

Can someone please help me with this request?

Do I need to use a beastmode or ETL? Thank you so much for your help.


  • GrantSmith

    If you remove the Location and Location Number fields from your table and then in the column fields for your orders, line counts, quantity and sales amounts you can select SUM as the aggregation method. This will add all of the different locations together for each of your metrics.

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