Calculated Column if 2 Fields Match


Hi - I am trying to create a calculated field similar to the = or EXACT function in excel - example =IF(TRIM(A27)=TRIM(B27),"Match","No Match")

I need to know if 2 columns have fields that match for any value. Specifically, if email addresses are the same in each column. Thanks!



  • RobSomers


    case when 'Field1' = 'Field2' then 'Match' else 'No Match' end

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  • MarkSnodgrass

    Use the CASE statement to do this:

    CASE WHEN TRIM(LOWER(`email1`)) = TRIM(LOWER(`email2`)) THEN 'Match' ELSE 'No Match' END

    Using TRIM and LOWER will also help to ensure that it evaluates properly.

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