Network Access from MagicETL?

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Am I correct in surmising that whatever environment runs Domo's MagicETLs restricts internet connectivity? I've got a few Jupyter workspaces that a colleague has set up to do various things with our data--mostly normal/conventional stuff, but he's also doing a few things that require network access, like sending emails, easily communicating with APIs that Domo doesn't have connectors for, etc.

Some of that is fine, and I'm happy to leave it mostly as is, but some of it I need to run anytime certain datasets are updated (which is a scheduling option for MagicETLs but not Jupyter workspaces). So I'm trying to convert one or two of his notebooks to MagicETLs. Problem is, best I can tell, network access is restricted in the MagicETL environment (presumably because you're supposed to use connectors to get data in and out of an ETL).

Is that indeed the case? Are my options then building my own custom connectors for things that need to talk to APIs and then just being up the creek for other assorted stuff like sending emails?

Thanks all! 😊


  • GrantSmith

    Correct, Magic ETL has network restrictions with the exception of Writeback tiles. You'd need to import your data using a connector first and then process it with Magic ETL

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