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My question is about the Gauge cards and if anyone has used them with building a quick glance dashboard type of thing.  I was messing around with the Radial gauge card type mostly.  Trying to get that kind of red, yellow, green look with the marker corresponding.


However it doesn't look like choosing colors can be done with formulas or make them dynamic at all.  


I guess I am really just looking for any exampels or ways people have built dashboards effectively and in a super simple easy to understand way.  Red, yellow, green kind of stuff if that makes sense.  Thanks for any input!


  • swyatt
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    I like to use the comparative guage in my dashboards. I show the overall weight as the summary number and the y-o-y percent differential is what is shown in the kpi. The comparative guage provides color options of green and red which is all I really need in my instances; down or up.



  • kshah008
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    @milesscott, did swyatt's example help clear things up for you?

  • Certainly a helpful insight.  I have been messing with the gauge charts and trying to create a quick view dahsboard for some folks and have been using gauges.  The one thing I struggle with is how the Gauge name and date fields are related.  If anyone has any tricks or hints I would be most interested to hear.  






    When using this chart type specifically.  I struggle with which field to use in as the 'Gauge name' field and if that is a date, how that has an effect on the date functionality.  

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    @swyatt, do you think you can help @milesscott after the follow-up information was provided?

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