Workbench - Source File Does Not Exist

Has anyone found a solution for the "Source File Does Not Exist" error? I am using the 'Excel: On-Premise' processing method and using a network drive for storage. Even when I reconfigure and reselect the file it does not resolve and I get the above reference error.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!



  • @mbelmont Does Workbench give you the error when you run a preview or just when manually running?

  • Both unfortunately.

  • @mbelmont If it's not recognizing the file at all, Workbench may require impersonation to access the file from your network drive. You can set up impersonation in the job's Configure tab under "Impersonation", where you can enter your network domain and credentials.

  • The odd thing is it just started happening today for no apparent reason. Never needed to impersonate before. But I can give it a shot.