Ghost Beast Modes can not be viewed or archived in Beast Mode Manager

DomoFaye Member
edited November 2022 in Beast Mode

When executing bulk archiving for a client, we found a few ghost Beast Modes that no longer exist (or are not accessible in the Beast mode manager or cards). They are still selectable in the Beast Mode Manager, but can not be archived or viewed.

The error message we received when click this beast mode is : {"status":404,"statusReason":"Not Found","message":"No function template found for id: 75852","toe":"JLOTUPQ7E9-9M35J-DOMK7"}

Does anyone know how to archive or filter them out in the Beast Mode Manager?

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  • BCorless
    BCorless Contributor

    @DomoFaye I would get a support case started with the specifics on this issue so this can be investigated further.

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  • Hi @BCorless I have a case raised for this issue already: Case #05839170. Just want to ask around and document this issue in Dojo since I have observed the same issue across multiple accounts/instances.