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Can someone please explain this logic to me, I am so confused.

I am taking some avgs right. Here is my data by day, I have a function to find the max value for the timeframe.

You can't see the rest of my numbers in the screenshot but they are between 197 and 205. As you can see 211 is my max for the month.

If I use the timeframe filter I can switch it from By Day to By Week, also makes sense. Same 211.

But for some reason when I switch to By Month I get a new number that comes out of no where. As you can see from previous photos the max for all of Oct is 211 so where the heck is it getting 223.

The Column Avg Distinct Users is using MAX(count(distinct `User ID`)) OVER()

and Unique Users is using MAX(count(distinct `User ID`)) OVER()

The dataset is a recursive flow of Domostats People.


  • Did you have users get created or removed during the month?

    For example if we're at 50 but you removed 5 users and added 5 users

    Week 1: 50 users

    Week 2: 50 users - 5 removed, 5 added = 50

    Week 3: 50 users - 5 removed, 5 added = 50

    At the end of the month you'd have 60 different users instead of the 50 you're seeing each week.

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  • @GrantSmith hmm good point, I am sure I am having users added/removed. I guess I was expecting to see that reflect somewhere in the daily number.