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Hi there, newbie here.

I have a wide table with a column format a bit like this:

name, question1, OPP1, EXP1, ACH1, question2, OPP2, EXP2, ACH2

I will need to make calculations for each row on the values (integers) grouped by OPP, EXP, ACH.

I thought to create new columns with the sum of OPPx, EXPx and ACHx (where x corresponds to the number in the column name) and append these to the end of the table to create a structure like this:

name, question1, OPP1, EXP1, ACH1, question2, OPP2, EXP2, ACH2, SUM OPP, SUM EXP, SUM ACH

I tried the group by and formula tiles in the ETL and also tried to create a beast mode calculation without success.

There are 37 question columns in total, with 7 answer columns each, per row, making for a fairly extensive table...

Any hints are gratefully received!😊




  • MichelleH

    @bdx I don't believe there is a way to reference the column name in your calculation, though it should be a fairly straightforward (albeit tedious) solution. Since you want to calculate across values in the same row, you can set up either a formula tile or beast mode like this for each new column:

    `OPP1` + `OPP2` + `OPP3` + ... + `OPP37`
  • RobSomers
    RobSomers Coach
    edited October 2022

    @bdx If you want to use the Group By and not need to type out each item and modify your beast mode each time a question is added, you can use the Unpivot tile in ETL. This can change your data to be:

    question 1 OPP1

    question 1 EXP1

    question 1 ACH1

    question 2 OPP2


    Or however you want the unpivot to happen. This can then let you use Group By and you can use beast modes to calculate totals.

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