Dashboard Date Range with Multiple DataSets


I have a dashboard made up of cards from multiple DataSets. When I started adding cards, DOMO automatically adds a date range filter to the top of the dashboard, similar to the date filter that appears in the upper right in Analyzer mode. That date field appears in all of the datasets used by cards on the dashboard. However, when I make changes to that date filter, it does not appear to be updating all the cards - only those using the same dataset as the first card I placed on the dashboard.

I could get around this by manually adding a filter on that date field and applying it to all the datasets, but the user experience isn't the same that way - it doesn't offer the dynamic options like 'Previous Month', which is how I intend to default the dashboard. Also that means there would now be 2 filters showing for the same field on the page and that could cause confusion for users.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing to make that default date range apply to all datasets?


  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Hi ancasselman, have you had much luck on this one yet?

    The page-level date filter is pretty handy. It adapts to set the date range on every card based on each own card's date dimension. Say you had 2 cards, one for "product sold" with "PO date" as its date field, then another (or same) dataset for "product delivered" with "ship date". Pick "previous month" on the page date filter and it's going to set filter the sold card on PO date and the delivered card on ship date. Depending on your application this may or may not be the user experience you're shooting for.

    For this to work there must have a date column applied to the card...it can't just reside on the dataset powering the card. (see link below) So if I have a filter card looking at some text dimensions but there is no date column, then that card isn't going to be changed by the page date filter. They don't work on sumo cards. Also watch out for cards that may have date filters coded within beast modes or greater/less than limits on the date range in the card analyzer filter...you could run into conflicts there.

    The page filter isn't smart enough to know which card/date/dataset was put onto your page first...it's likely that your first card just has a date column configured in the way that allows the page date filter to work. Look for the small filter icon in the bottom corner of each card when you apply the page filter. If you see the filter icon, then the filter was applied but if you don't, then you need to add the date you're wanting to filter on to the card.