Symbol Bump Chart Tutorial

Pris Domo Employee

Bump charts are effective for showing changing rankings across multiple dates. For large datasets, consider grouping lines using colour and symbols.


  1. Select 'Symbol Line' under 'Line' as the Chart Type
  2. Create Calculated Field named 'First name only label': CASE WHEN Year T = MIN(Year T) OVER(PARTITION BY Name) THEN Name END
  3. Drag 'Year' to Y-Axis
  4. Drag 'Rank' into 'X-Axis'
  5. Drag 'Name' into 'Series'
  6. Turn on Tooltips.
  7. Drag 'National Count' into 'Tooltip Field 1'. Click on the field -> Format -> Display as 'Number'.
  8. Drag 'National Count' into 'First name only label'.
  9. In Chart Properties, configure the following:
    1. General -> Line Thickness: Medium
    2. Legend → Portrait View Legend Position: Top
    3. Legend → Landscape View Legend Position: Top
    4. Gridlines -> Zero Line Color: FFFFFF
    5. Gridlines -> 'Hide All Grids' checked
    6. Gridlines -> 'Remove Min/Max/Avg Lines' checked
    7. Data Label Settings -> Text as '%_TOOLTIP2'
    8. Value Scale (Left) -> Title: Rank
    9. Value Scale (Left) -> Max: 5 (if only top 5)
    10. Value Scale (Left) -> Include Zero: No
    11. Last Value Projection -> Project Using: No Projection
    12. Multi-Period Projection > Projection Controls: Hide
    13. Hover Text Settings -> Hover Text as
%_TOOLTIP1 babies