Surplus/Deficit Chart Tutorial

Pris Domo Employee

The shaded area of these the surplus/deficit chart allows a balance to be shown – either against a baseline or between two series.

How to build in Analyzer:

  1. Select 'Bar' under 'Popular Charts' as the Chart Type
  2. Create Calculated Field named 'Positive Value':
    1. (CASE WHEN Value >0 THEN 'Surplus' ELSE 'Deficit' END)
  3. Create Calculated Field Named 'Value Label'
    1. (CASE WHEN Value >0 THEN CONCAT('+',ROUND(SUM(Value),1)) ELSE CONCAT(ROUND(SUM(Value),1)) END)
  4. Drag 'Date' into 'X Axis'
  5. Drag 'Value' into 'Y Axis'
  6. Turn on Tooltips. Drag 'Value Label' into 'Tooltip Field 1'
  7. In Chart Properties, configure the following:
    1. General -> Sort on Totals: Descending
    2. Gridlines -> Zero Line Width: 1
    3. Gridlines -> 'Remove Min/Max/Avg Lines' checked
    4. Data Label Settings -> Text as %_TOOLTIP1
    5. Data Label Settings -> Position: Center
    6. Data Label Settings -> 'Use Scale Format' checked
    7. Data Label Settings -> 'Use Scale Abbreviation' checked
    8. Value Scale (X) -> Show Label as 'Never'
    9. Hover Text Settings -> Hover Text as