Bar Diverging Chart Tutorial

Pris Domo Employee
edited October 2022 in Charting

Diverging bar charts are a simple standard bar chart that can handle both negative and positive magnitude values.

How to build in Analyzer:

  1. Select ‘Horizontal Bar’ under ‘Popular Charts’ as the Chart Type
  2. Drag ‘Profit’ from the Data pane into X-Axis
  3. Drag 'Product' from the Data pane into Y-Axis
  4. In Chart Properties, configure the following:
    1. General -> Sort on Totals: Descending
    2. Gridlines -> Hide Gridlines checked
    3. Gridlines -> 'Remove Min/Max/Avg Lines' checked
    4. Data Label Settings -> Text as '%_VALUE'
    5. Data Label Settings -> ‘Use Scale Format’ checked
    6. Data Label Settings -> ‘Use Scale Abbreviation’ checked
    7. Value Scale (X) -> Show Label as 'Never'
    8. Hover Text Settings -> Hover Text as '%_CATEGORY_NAME: %_VALUE profit'
  5. In Color Rules, configure positive values to be equal to or above 1 to be yellow.