Grand total instead of running total with Count in Rank & Window?


I was trying to get a total number using Count with Rank & Window in Magic ETL but I can only get a running total instead of the grand total repeated across the rows.

My output looks like this:

jane doe, item a, 1

jane doe, item b, 2

jane doe, item c, 3

But I wanted this:

jane doe, item a, 3

jane doe, item b, 3

jane doe, item c, 3

Is there a way to accomplish this with the Rank & Window tile or will it only do the running total since I can't remove the order by?

I did manage to get the output I wanted using Group By before a join, but I'm trying to understand what is possible with Rank & Window. Thanks!



  • GrantSmith

    Because order by is required it's not possible to to a grand total. Currently the way is to use a group by and then join it back to the dataset.

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  • Thank you for the confirmation!